Kelaza Empowers Your Classrooms

A very warm welcome to Kelaza, the online ‘real-time’, ‘live’ learning platform powered by state-of-the-art
If you are a school/college or an institution looking for capable and experienced resources to give your
students/ employees an ‘extra edge’ we are here to cater to you at your own convenience and time. All you
need minimally is something as basic as a projector and a laptop. If you have your own media/ AV room with a
sound controlled environment, it will be even better!
Unlike most self-learning online courses, where the instructor provides ‘pre-recorded’ lessons, the Kelaza
educator interacts with your students/employees ‘live!’
Now that you are here, let us introduce you to a whole new world of learning!
No matter where you are, the live-class simulation technology on Kelaza, will empower you to ask your
questions and clear your doubts in several ways.


Your Students Learn
from the best

   The Educators on the Kelaza platform, ranging from Masters to Young Turks are an exclusive pool of dynamic
professionals chosen through a strict curation process. Irrespective of your location, you get a chance to
acquire knowledge and skills from their wisdom and experience.


Your students/employees learn interactively in a multimedia environment

   From lecturing, discussing, debating to exhibiting of power-points, documents, visuals, videos, you
students/employees will learn through multiple tools and matchless methods.

Reap The ‘Extra Edge’ Through ‘After School Coaching’, ‘Remedial Classes For Specific Subjects’ And Also ‘Test Prep’

   From Test-preps to remedial classes and after school classes for students, we can manage a whole gamut of
mentoring and coaching and be a hand holding partner for the school and the students who are facing
challenges due to non availability of teachers, locational disadvantage and so on.
No matter where your school/college/institution is located, the live-class simulation technology on Kelaza, will
empower you to let your students/employees ask their questions and clear their doubts in several ways.


Save Money, Reap The Price Advantage As A School/College Or An Institute

   We will work out a Value Proposition based on your specific needs.

Convenience Of Classes
At ‘Your’ Time

   Timings of the classes can be mutually decided.

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