Meditation for All

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Guided Meditation from the comfort of your home to heal your mind and soul under the ‘LIVE’ guidance of our Yoga teacher and Transformational Coach! ( 3 classes/week)

Why Meditation?

Look at the world around you! And what about your inner world? We are losing the control of our own minds. Why is that happening?

It is simply because we are forgetting to feel, listen and breathe in the way our body needs; to heal itself from the inside.

We are not giving enough time to ourselves and so we are drifting apart from our ‘inner peace’. The only way ahead is through mind fitness and introspection with meditation as the key.

Often we think that we have to be thoughtless in meditation. It can happen, but this is not entirely
true. Thoughts are releases of energy, it is normal to have them. Because of the misconception,
there are so many people who think that meditation is not yet for them. Maybe, once they are
absolutely good at life, they will start at some day. That day will never come. The fact is that with
meditation, you will get good at life. Make better decisions, let go, be stress less, get focused and
have a better love relationship, just to name a few.

Change your life for the better. Learn meditation, simply, effectively and fitted into your daily schedule.

Here is what you will learn:
1st week: The power of gratefulness.
2nd week: The distractions of the mind.
3rd week: Understand the role of mantra.
4th week: The brain activity in meditation.
1st week: Mindfulness.
2nd week: Acceptance.
3rd week: Meditation.
4th week: Imagination.

Our Meditation program will include a FREE 20 minute one on one session with the Coach. She will help you unwind and relax before you begin the practice under her guidance.

You are guided through a process in this 4 weeks, which will let you gradually understand more about your own awareness. And that is not all, each week there is an extra discussion and tool given which will help you even further.

At the end of the one month course, you can advance into a deeper level of meditation depending on your practice and involvement.

Age Group: 18 upwards

Timings: Every Wednesday (8 P.M to 8.40 PM) & Every Saturday and Sunday (6 A.M to 6:40 A.M)
Every Thursday (8 P.M to 8.40 PM)   &  Every Saturday and Sunday (7 A.M to 7:40 A.M)

To check your local time for this course click here

One to one class options are also available at a higher fee. Please write to us at to apprise us of your requirements.


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