About Us

What is the price of competition? What is this rat race we have been pushed into and why are we doing the same with our children? What is the ‘happiness index’? Why are the simple joys of living so hard to experience? How is it that our education system is stressing our children out?


These questions have been bugging a few of us : a group of friends and mothers, some educationists and social entrepreneurs and some ‘stay at home moms’ and from this mixed bag of super busy super achievers, super talented and creative individuals rose the concept of this ‘online’, ‘live’ platform – www.kelaza.com
Somewhere down the line, we met a young group of tech savvy youngsters who were slowly establishing their footprint on social media platform designing and content development.
A few cups of coffees later we officially formed ‘Team Kelaza’ and started our ground work. What started as an academic endeavour based on experiential learning, home tutoring started gathering steam in other areas. We did not know where to end our search because we were searching for areas to connect our patrons to ‘living’ and ‘learning’. But we were clear about the things we did not want! No rote learning! No boring pre recorded lectures!
While we were scouting for Educators, we were inspired to open up opportunities for ‘adult learners’ and why not! Recognising opportunities to learn a new skill can be transformative as I can vouch for it myself, learning music in my 40’s. It is cathartic to say the least!
We started our curation process and carefully selected our ‘Educators’. Their degrees and years of experience were as important for us as was their passion and dedication to the ‘art of teaching’.
In this extremely inspiring and charged environment we decided to approach some of the gurus of the industry, for ‘Masterclass’. Their positive reactions to our endeavour was morale boosting to say the least.
Lastly, we also decided on giving some web space to a group of young turks aptly called ‘youngistaan.’ These young and talented established musicians and computer geeks will be an inspiration for one and all, taking the learning graph of ‘kelaza’ to a different level altogether!
There have been sleepless nights, familial obligations, sacrifices, debates and discussions, illnesses, and many ‘brickbats’ along the way. But we are sure that the bouquets will be worth all the effort and time.
It is time…we start to ‘Live’, ‘Learn’ together!

Love & Light!
Team Kelaza